How to wash your electric unicycle

Washing outside parts of the unicycle is not a big problem. The real problem arises if you need to clean up the wheel chamber. Mud, dirt and salt are unwanted guests, but they can be dealt with.

Washing the wheel chamber is particularly important in winter if you drive on pavements or roads de-iced using salt. As we know, salt causes corrosion, which can accelerate the destruction of the metal parts of the unicycle. Most unicycles are resistant to water and snow, and rain is not dangerous for them either. However, leaving salt residue inside the chamber can lead to corrosion of the steel axle of the unicycle.

I want to show you a simple way to clean a wheel chamber that works really well. Of course, this method can be used in unicycles that are known for their solid and watertight construction. This usually applies to King Song, Inmotion, Ninebot and Gotway unicycles. However, there may be cases of unicycles that lacks watertightness. Defective factory assembly or an accident can also contribute to water ingress.