New 16″ unicycle from King Song

It seems that King Song will soon show us a new 16" unicycle. If my information will be confirmed, we have a big revolution ahead of us.

Some time ago, there has been news in the community that King Song is working on a new unicycle model from the middle, universal size segment. Manufactured under the designation KS-16X would be the successor to the KS-16S, currently the only 16-incher in the offer of this renowned manufacturer.

In recent months, however, there has been no information on this subject and King Song seemed to have focused on a larger 18-inch wheel line. At the beginning of 2018 the KS-18L appeared, and at the turn of 2018 and 2019 its version with a larger battery, known as the KS-18XL.

However, I have just got an information that King Song has not abandoned work on the new, 16″ unicycle. What’s more, the works are almost finished! With the new wheel King Song will abandon the traditional symmetry, having designated front and back. It would certainly be a move in the right direction. It allows for better ergonomics and functionality, as well as the use of separate red and white light.

A motor with a rated, continuous power of 2000 W and a maximum speed of 45 km/h will be used. This too would be a significant step forward, both in relation to its predecessor and its competitors. The most impressive change, however, will be the use of a 120-cell battery with a voltage of 84 V and a capacity of 1554 Wh. Will it be the first 16-incher with a real range of 70 – 90 km?

The first prototypes would be ready in January 2019 and serial production would start in May 2019.

All the above information is unofficial but obtained from a well-informed source. If they will be confirmed, we will have a real revolutionary in the market for electric unicycles. King Song has accustomed us to the high quality and reliability of its products, and their functionality and ergonomics is always great. Now we will get a universal unicycle, which will be suitable both for urban driving as well as for longer distances. We can even say that it is a smaller version of the KS-18XL. Will it be a competition for him?

The new wheel will be much heavier than its older brother, while the lighter weight of 16-inchers is an important part of their universal character. A larger battery costs more. Two inches of difference is also a big difference in driving comfort and stability at higher speeds. A large group of people who regularly ride long distances will choose the KS-18XL. People having less cash will choose KS-16S or similar. However, I am sure that the new wheel will be a great success. It will be a perfect choice for those who want to have only one wheel, but as versatile as possible.